Datatime Services is committed to a healthy environment 

At Datatime Services, we are committed to developing and keeping our practices as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Whilst dealing with a significant amount of paper, we aim to ensure that we exercise effective utilisation of recycling processes.

We have been operating for over 30 years, and continue to place our efforts into maintaining thorough Corporate Social Responsibility. Whatever we do, we always have the interests of our customers, our employees, the community and the environment as our primary focus.

Our Environmental Policy forms the cornerstone of our business operation, and we exercise the following practices:

  • All waste is recycled. This includes metal, paper, plastics, pallets and containers (where possible). We also ensure that confidential documents are recycled (or destroyed) in a confidential manner as required by our customers.

  • All laptop computers are run in power-saver mode; using less energy.

  • Use only vegetable based inks (SOY) which are virtually free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

  • Choose printers that are undertaking the Sustainable Green Print SGP qualification program with the Printing Industries Association.

  • Support the use of Specify Forest Sustainable Council (FSC) recycled paper to our customers.

  • All digital print and office printer cartridges are recycled, refilled and reused.

  • Programmed maintenance ensures all equipment operates at an optimal level.

  • Plan all work in the most efficient environmentally friendly manner.

  • Plan deliveries to reduce duplication and unnecessary road usage.

With a focus on “Making a Green Difference,” the good news is that improved environmental practices are good for Datatime Services, our customers, and the community.