Datatime Services
Secure adaptive document management and automated data capture - to get you started on your digital transformation journey

Datatime Services is the Australian market leader in automated data capture and digital conversion and provide cost-effective data management solutions for Government departments, Universities and businesses of all sizes. 

We have been digitising documents for over 35 years and presenting them to ERP systems for processing. Our ability to achieve a data accuracy of 99.95% has been established through many years of experience and the specialised skills of our team, using advanced technology and diverse service capabilities. 

At Datatime Services, we take the privacy and security of our customer’s documents seriously and we are fully compliant with the Privacy and Data Protection Act of 2014 and we continuously change our processes to meet new legislation.

Our aim is to improve efficiency, information integrity and reduce workload by removing the manual entry of data from any paper or electronic data source. As part of the PNORS Technology Group, we aim to enhance our offering by incorporating the complementary solutions provided by other member companies.

Your data is in safe hands

Our duty is to protect your data with a 100% security assurance and we are compliant with the Privacy and Data Protection Act of 2014.

Felix Choo, Solutions Consultant, Datatime Services 

   The PNORS Technology Group   

PNORS Technology Group

The PNORS group is committed to improving business productivity through the delivery of integrated technology solutions that target the vital operations that are key to the success of modern connected enterprises. The services offered by Datatime are a major element in our total business management solution.


Datatime Services is a part of the PNORS group of companies with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Together with the benefits of offering complementary and integrated technology solutions to grow your business, Datatime is able to provide personalised , tailored services while ensuring the security and business continuity that being part of a large company provides.